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VST (available)


- optoelectronic diode cirquit
- tube driven gainstage
- comprehensive mid/side capabilities
- 64bit internal precision
- control signal lowpass/highpass
- true stereo external sidechaining
- ultra accurate vca brickwall limiting
- sample accurate limiter clip mode
- RMS/Peak limiting
- very low cpu usage
- extremely analog sounding

the mid/side approach
the mid/side techniques in mixing/recording used in professional studios, which provides a lot of unique possibilities your mix could benefit from, caught our attention, simply because we felt it got kind of lost during the decades. so, in order to enhance the CL Series, we`ve added a unique, but very easy way to combine the mid/side technique with the analog modeling algorithm, providing the mid/side possibilities within two of the three plugins. the challenge was to give you all the necessary possibilities the mid/side technique provides, but at the same time to be dead easy to use, even for a novice user.

while a lot of compressors work satisfyingly on only a fraction of material, we did put the focus on the CL Series to work well on all material you plug them onto. great care has also been spent to provide you with plugins that sound as good as possible with all settings you might use, be it gentle or extreme. also all three plugins feature negative ratio (very rare) as well as automatic gain reduction limiting, which ensures great results even when driven very hard. last but not least, every plugin of the CL Series features the possibility to do NY style compression by providing you with a dry/wet mix, so you can squash the hell out of your audio, then mix back the original signal for a very natural overall alive sound.

cpu usage
reading all this you might think that the CL Series uses a lot of cpu, but it does not. we have painstakingly optimized the algorithm in assembler, so that the plugins eat the absolute minimum cpu. while cpu`s get faster with every generation, we still think it is an absolute priority to keep the cpu usage as low as can be, so that you never have to worry about having enough power to run these plugins to whatever extent you might need them.

for more detailed information on the CL Series, please download the manual.

   2016-04-03: 50% Spring 2016 discount offered.

   2013-05-22: ArtsAcoustic Reverb is released.

   2013-04-08: ArtsAcoustic Reverb 1.6.0 is released.

   2012-12-27: ArtsAcoustic ViRe-X Pro 1.0.0 announced.

   2012-12-27: New license agreement.