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I've owned a lot of hardware reverbs over the years, including Lexicon. But for the last 3 years I've been using vst plugins.
In my opinion, nothing has come close enough to expensive hardware reverbs until A
rtsAcoustic launched this one. I have no connection with these guys at all (i'm from New Zealand, and they are from Germany). But I appreciate superb design and performance when I see and hear it, and I really hope this developer enjoys success because they have raised the standards of VST plugins.

No dongles, PACE, iLock or challenge/response scams! That's always been important to me, because my studio is complicated enough.

This reverb is deep - the presets are surprising, but you need to spend time with this to appreciate how great it is. You can make reverbs that sweep or jiggle to your grooves - no boring tails if you don't want. You can go from transparent small boxes or rooms, to huge caverns, without scrolling through zillions of crap impulses that aren't quite right. The range of colours is impressive - this is what you expect from high-end hardware and don't necessarily get.

The most impressive thing is the user friendly GUI. Most parameters have a slider that displays the number. Most developers stop there, and i'm often annoyed at not being able to set numbers accurately. This GUI has a pop up form for setting the parameters various ways. There are buttons for the Min, Max and Default values. There are jog wheels for Coarse and Fine, and you can type the numbers in directly. They have got around the infamous Cubase SX "always on top" problem that other GUI's have problems with. Brilliant engineering that other developers should take note of.

OK - now I can forget about my other reverbs and just concentrate on making music.

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   2013-05-22: ArtsAcoustic Reverb is released.

   2013-04-08: ArtsAcoustic Reverb 1.6.0 is released.

   2012-12-27: ArtsAcoustic ViRe-X Pro 1.0.0 announced.

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